Join Now & Save Money On Your Registration


The NYSSA trail system operates on a sled registration structure. There is no trail pass required, but all New York State residents and non-residents must register their sleds in New York to ride in New York. Registration is $100 per year through the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, if you join a New York State Snowmobile Association Member Club like ours you will receive the discounted rate of $45 for each sled you register. Once you have joined our club you will receive a voucher to return with your registration application to receive the discounted registration price. By having one membership you will save $55 for each sled you register in your name, so the more sleds you have the more you can save with a family membership! Another benefit of joining a club rather than paying the full $100 to the DMV is that you know your money is going where you ride. This money goes directly into the trail you ride on rather than a general fund that may be dispersed all over New York.

Per NYSSA, blank vouchers – the ones that were handwritten and had a number of Bxxx? — they’re gone. DMV was required to change their process by the Office of the State Comptroller, resulting in the discontinuance of blank vouchers…. To be accepted by DMV and obtain the $45 discounted snowmobile registration, your vouchers must be computer generated out of the NYSSA Online Membership System. To join online and print the membership voucher click the link below to bring you to NYSSA’s website for Lincoln Mountain

Members and prospective members may join online from any computer with a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). Public libraries offer access at no charge for those that don’t have a computer of their own, however, there may be a small fee to print. You may also mail a membership form into the club or come to a meeting.

Last year, New York State had a total of 115,978 snowmobiles registered. That was a decrease of almost 500 sleds from the previous year. The last few seasons have been very unpredictable for the snowmobile rider. Many people wait for the first snowfall before joining a Club or registering their sleds. This practice severely hurts the local Clubs. Early Club memberships and registrations are vital to a Club receiving the funding they need to start their pre-season trail work. Clubs need to get out early, before the snow flies, and start clearing brush from their trails. Bridge work and wash outs need to be taken care of, trails may have to be widened and signs have to be posted. All of this takes money to complete. Please join our Club and register your sled early this year. Help us to provide you with an enjoyable riding experience.