It's Time to Renew your Club Membership


Hope you are enjoying the summer heat because soon enough it will be snowmobile season. You should be receiving your snowmobile registration renewal form from the DMV anytime now. Did you know by renewing your membership and sending your registration in early you help the NYS Parks Department do a better job budgeting club funds for the year? Our grant funding is based solely upon registrations received prior to December 1.

Why join a club? #1 reason – to support the club that maintains the trails that you ride on! 100% of your club membership dues is used for the purpose of maintaining over 32 miles of trail starting in Schuylerville, connecting to Bacon Hill, Northumberland, Gansevoort, Moreau, Wilton, Greenfield Center and Corinth. Our Club consists of volunteers only with six grooming machines purchased with grant funds but maintained and operated with membership dues to groom its trails. Without our members we do not have the resources needed to provide our volunteers with the materials needed to keep our trails in optimum riding condition. What happens if you choose not to join a local club and pay the registration trail fund fee? Your $$ is dispersed throughout NYS to other clubs and each year we have had to fight to keep NYS from raiding the fund for other purposes. So please join our club and pass this on to your friends and neighbors that ride letting them know that we keep the funds here in our community maintaining the trails you ride on.

To join online just click this link to bring you to NYSSA’s website for Lincoln Mountain

You can print your voucher yourself or see below for a membership contact in your area.

  • Schuylerville – Randy Merluzzo Ph: 683-6891
  • Gansevoort – Kerry Garnsey Ph: 792-7202
  • Moreau – Russ Mantz Ph: 761-1074
  • Greenfield Ctr/Corinth  – Bill Gavin Ph: 654-7707